Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014

My hilarious joker bff posted this on his facebook to ring in the new year:

"Time to have expectation and reality aggressively at conflict with each other tonight. w00t w00t!!! 

Enjoy your totally average night out everyone!!!"

So entirely on point! I'm really not much for resolutions, cuz I just get shit done, but here are few of the things that made 2013 unique:

(1) I didn't travel internationally AT ALL! A first since...2001
(2) Moved to Charlottesville
(3) Moved back to the States
(4) Lived in LA for more than 2 months since 2006
(5) Started Grad School (life bucket lister)
(6) Got my heart mega broken by my long term (now ex) boyfriend
(7) Traveled to San Antonio for the first time (not very memorable but def a first)
(8) Met a ton of new people at school that i'm happy i can now call FRIEND!
(9) Finance became by favorite class

My bestie and I on new year's eve

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